The Outhalf and Centres share characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon

Wolf Blass, one of Ireland’s favourite Australian wine brands, has teamed up with famous rugby pundit Brent Pope to launch the new Wolf Blass Rugby Limited Edition in Ireland.

Throughout February and March, each bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay will feature one of the fifteen rugby positions, from Loosehead Prop to Full Back.

When launching the new labels here in Ireland, Brent Pope was asked what rugby positions a bold, powerful but smooth Wolf Blass Rugby Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon would remind him of. He named some legendary Irish Outhalves and Centres, mentioning that as well as needing smooth skills, those players also had to be brave and fearless given the important decisions and crunching tackles they need to make.

For the Wolf Blass Rugby Limited Edition Chardonnay – described as fruity, delicate and balanced – Pope instantly thought of the Wingers and Full Back. These often-misunderstood positions needed to be flexible and light on their feet, and compared to most of the other players they were slightly more delicate but had an unmatched class and elegance – many elements found in Wolf Blass’s Yellow Label Chardonnay.

But when asked why he named no Forwards in this exercise, he said that wines to match their characteristics would be too rough and robust to be palatable!

And enjoying the theme of wine personalities, Brent couldn’t resist a parting dig at his colleague George Hook, who he described as “bold, loud and definitely not smooth! You could call it Hook’s Hooch!”

The new bottles form part of Wolf Blass’s ongoing “Here’s To The Chase” campaign, which celebrates the bold pursuit of triumph and striving to be your best, traits that often separate those who dream and those who achieve – something fundamental to the success of the brand and its founder Wolfgang Blass.
Speaking before the tournament of Ireland’s chances, Brent said, “They’re in a good position this year, though you’d like to think it comes down to a playoff in their last game! But I think Ireland’s chances are looking good – a lot of their key players have got a lot of important game time recently.”

However the games turn out, consumers are invited to mark each clash with a glass of Wolf Blass Rugby Limited Edition Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon this February and March.

The Wolf Blass Rugby Limited Edition wines will retail at €14.99 and are available in stores nationwide from 1st February.