The beginning of May saw the eagerly-anticipated return of Dr Sandro Boscaini of Masi Agricola to Ireland’s green shores, and every minute of the esteemed wine legend’s time here was maximised to its fullest.

Dr Boscaini, whose last visit in 2011 was widely and warmly received, has for decades been inextricably linked with his homeplace of Veneto in north-east Italy and its wines, both of which he has tirelessly championed over the decades. As a result Sandro is repeatedly recognised as one of the foremost wine figures in Italy.

Pico Communication was responsible for arranging a unique and exclusive tasting for Ireland’s top wine journalists whereby the component aspects of four of Masi’s trademark blends would be tasted individually in order to learn how each grape contributes to the overall blend in its own way. The result was a tasting of twelve wines in this ‘Fresh & Dry’ tasting, plus six others from the premium Masi range – a not insignificant number!

The event was held in the prestigious Residence Members’ Club on St Stephen’s Green in Dublin with ten of the foremost wine personalities enjoying an intimate tutorial and tasting lead by Dr Boscaini. Pico arranged for this unique and rare event to be covered by Unravel Travel,who filmed and photographed the occasion with a high degree of professionalism, including personal interviews with the man himself which can be viewed online here.

In all the journalists in attendance were blown away once again by the quality and passion underlying Masi wines, with Pico providing the follow-up material in the form of images, copy, pricing and stockists necessary to encourage the transcription of the experience from glass to page.