Bodegas Torres, Ireland’s #1 Spanish wine brand (Nielsen), has proudly driven the de-alcoholised wine sector in Ireland in recent years with its critically acclaimed Torres Natureo, the world leader in de-alcoholised wines.

With its acclaimed great taste, Natureo has been credited with raising the standard of the category in general and accurately satisfying the consumer need for a flavoursome low / non-alcoholic drink with character that is neither water nor a standard soft drink.

Today, Torres is proud to introduce the next phase of the project: earlier this month Natureo moved from 0.5% ABV to an alcohol-free 0.0% ABV, meaning that the leading de-alcoholised wine in Ireland is now fully non-alcoholic.

Of course it still maintains the same great aromatic, floral, fruit-forward taste that has marked it out from the competition, and it still contains less than half the calories of regular wine, meaning that it’s a great choice for those watching their weight.

But now Natureo is perfect for those who want a completely non-alcoholic beverage due to health or religious reasons, for example, as well as continuing to appeal to designated drivers, pregnant women and others watching their alcohol intake.

Torres Natureo will retain the same attractive packaging and the same RSP of €7.99, so the only change will be the ABV number on the label.

Torres Natureo 0.0% is on-shelf now in off-licences and supermarkets nationwide.